Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolutions anyone?

Ahhh...its resolution time! I've been trying to compile this list for quite sometime. Especially since I plan to abide by these in the year to come and the ones after that (under the blind optimism of being alive during this time period). It was a really difficult job narrowing down the list. I had to use degree-of-commitment, will power required, absence or at least a mask to overcome desire as some of the criteria. And finally a touch of realism (not really important!). So here goes...

1. Attempt at leading a "greener" life
Multitude of ways to implement this. Reduce and eventually nullify power and water wastage, take mass transport options wherever available, advocate this to the younger uns. I wish I could write advocate to all, but you're welcome to read between the lines.

2. Blog more often
Toughest of the lot...Requires motivation...Hard to find.

3. Pursue vegetarianism
The almost unachievable doctrine for me. Why even try one may ask. Well its again a personal choice and seems like a punishment the more I think about it. But its one of those things I've always wanted to do.

and lastly...

4. Take that trip to Leh
Hopefully tensions would've settled down by then. Hopefully paradise will be discovered in my little world.

Well these're the ones I have good hopes of implementing and maintaining. Its my TO-DO list for 2009. Of course my WISH-LIST reads something else. Can't blog it though you know...its bad luck!