Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A recent deep inspection into the self revealed some very interesting facets within me. I'm gonna share it with everyone but I really dont know if it would make sense.

A little backgrounding...I joined Facebook recently and I must say its pretty interesting. But one particular application called "Characterize" inttrigued me. Its where your friends can associate certain preset characteristics based upon their evaluation of the subject. Public opinion held only as much importance as a tabloid magazine in my life but what it did was, it prompted a characterize action from Krishnaraj CK to Krishnaraj CK. And the results were baffling and downright scary...

I could not characterize myself into any trait. I could not convince myself to fit into any mold. As I started delving deeper the realization that I really stood for nothing specific scared the hell out of me. All through this time I had kept associating some traits to my "self". Honestly I had felt a little proud about myself looking at all the traits I had accumulated. But upon deeper probing the question arose if I could identify myself with atleast a set of those traits. Surprisingly there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Incidentally I chanced upon this definition: An entity of no consequence, amounting to nothing but still ironically "something" - NULL.
That is my conclusion...this is what I am...NULL

I occupy space, as any entity does...But I fail to represent anything. I cannot be identified or characterized. As a reader if you feel, you've come across this predicament, do share your views. The enlightened ones who've actually alleviated themselves from this are even more welcome for a healthy debate maybe...